Tuesday, September 12, 2006

4/28/06 - Several important events and dates this month

Several important events and dates this month, especially for those who enjoy, celebrate, recognize, and support our Latino(a) communities.

May 1st Monday National "Day without Immigrants" A day when millions of people in the United States and around the world will not go to work, will stay home, and not buy anthing or spend any money-a "national strike" if you will. Put together by immigrant organizations, Latino groups, labor unions, peace groups, and others, the one day event is to draw attention to the issues surrounding immigration, labor, and diversity. Supported now by peace organizations and many corporations as well as those who support and sympathize with our guest workers and immigrants, it is the first such national strike called since the Vietnam war days. I am taking one of my personal days, and will not be going to work. I also intend to not purchase anything. It will be a perfect day to leave the rat race, do some gardening, talk to some friends, and maybe go to the gym. Perhaps others will join me in the area and make a statement.

Cinco De Mayo A holiday celebrating an important military victory in Mexico's past, which has become an obervance here as well, to enjoy the culture of Mexico in the U.S. (May 5th)

Salsa Wednesday May 10 Our annual fundraiser/dance party at Boogie Fever in downown Ferndale featuring Salsa dance lessons, local Mexican restaurants offering delicious food, great music, professional dancers and camraderie. Funds raised help La Comunidad, our Latino health and community program at Midwest AIDS Prevention Project. Tickets $20 in advance...$25 at the door. Tax deductible
call Monica Mills at 248-545-1435 for more information.


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