Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2/1/06 - Birthday Blues

I'm one of the "boomers" who are evidently not planning on going quietly into that good night. Today is my birthday, and while dwelling in the wrong end of the forties is actually kinda fun, it is a shock when I'm out there flirting, and the object of my attention calls me "sir". But this is just one more reason to worship the blues.

It is certainly fun to be throwing a party, and having 20,000 people attend! The Ferndale Blues Festival could not be doing better. Even on a Tuesday night, not usually a hot night in Fern-wood, the music was going and crowds were out in force. Mike Boyd and the Gennessee Ramblers were very fun, especially the hot bass player. The Mayor of Ferndale, Bob Porter, was out again. He is the best at raising money, and the patrons and bands are so thrilled to have the city's mayor partying with them.

Buffalo Wild Wings had great music Tuesday night....although the crowd didnt seem to know what to do. They are not used to live entertainment, and probably dont applaud the videos they usually watch. Tony's was rocking as usual. It will be standing room only from here on out.

My birthday tonight will include oysters on the half shell from Howe's Bayou, and rockin' blues at the New Way, and maybe End of the Park. I dont feel 46 at all today, but I suspect I may feel it and then some tomorrow.


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