Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2/6/06 - Blue Monday

Whew....it's all finally over....the Blues Festival ended Saturday night (sunday morning) well after 2 a.m., and the Detroit Super Bowl ended last night as well. And by all accounts both were very successful.

My (offical) night ended at Tony's with one last set from Albert Young and the Straight 8's. They played until 2 a.m. to a standing room only crowd.

Sunny Girl wowed a standing room only crowd at Via Nove again.

Dino's was rocking, as was Sneakers. I bought the BB King signed sneakers for $130 and a decent tax deduction.

We have begun counting the money for the charities, and so far, in addition to depositing over $10,000 in the bank, ....we have found the following in the blue pigs:

1 Five euro note
1 prayer coin
1 yen
1 peso
assorted buttons, washers, a painted happy face quarter
1 blue condom
1 $50 bill (from the Via Nove pig)
1 $100 bill (from the Club Bart's pig)

We still have lots of pig collecting and counting to go.


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