Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1/31/06 - $ coming in for charities...generous blues fans

The blue pigs, used to raise money for the charities during the Blues Festival, have begun filling up, which is a good thing. Organizers have emptied out several from some of the very popular venues such as Via Nove, Tony's, and Bart's. We have already managed to count and deposit close to $2,000 from just the first weekend. Thank you to all who have donated by "feeding the pigs". A special thank you to the person who threw in a fifty dollar bill at Via Nove, which had standing room only last Saturday night with Sunny Girl and the Detroit Automatix.

While things slowed down a bit on Sunday night, and Monday, with "just" a handful of events, things start heating up again tonight, with six concerts tonight. See the full menu on www.ferndalebluesfestival.org.

By the way, the free weekend shuttles, courtesy of the City of Ferndale, are a hit. Just stand outside your favorite club or bar on a weekend night during the festival, and within a few mintutes a free darta bus will take you and your party to any of the other venues you choose.


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