Tuesday, September 12, 2006

3/10/06 - The Right to be Mentally Ill

Fred Phelps, the lunatic "preacher" from Kansas, and his family are planning to picket yet another funeral of an American casualty from the Iraqi War, this time in Flushing, Michigan.
Only in America, one of the most libertarian societies on earth, would a person be able to protest against homosexuality by picketing grieving families of war dead.

Phelps twisted logic says that America is evil because it "allows" or tolerates and supports gay people. Therefore, his God will destroy our country, and that is why our soldiers are dying in Iraq. I neednt spend time here dwelling on this idiocy. I bring it up because of the irony of the situation. The conservative wing of the Republican Party doesnt like the gay community much, and yet they support the war in Iraq. How much dissonance must they feel seeing someone as obnoxious as Phelps who hates gays, and yet totally offends the families of our war dead.

Those of us who oppose the war in Iraq, still support the loyalty and sacrifice of our troops. So we find ourselves in solidarity with the Bush war machine, at least in our opposition and horror with the dark evil that is Fred Phelps.


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