Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2/7/06 - Money Rolling In

We are pleased to report that the proceeds are rolling in strong from last week's Blues Festival venues and "blind blue pig" locations. As of today (Tuesday Feb. 6th) we have grossed nearly $13,000 in cash, donations, and sponsorships. Expenses may end up totalling less than $5,000.
Our goal was to be able to distribute at least $14,000 in donations directly to the two charities.
We are well on our way. We still have to collect from a couple of the "heavy hitters" such as Dino's, Post, Danny's, and Woodward Ave. Brewers. And many of the blue pigs have not yet been collected.
Again, thanks to all the volunteers and business owners who helped. This thing could have not been accomplished without you. And special thanks to the dozens of visitors from Pittsburgh who donated to the cause.

To date, leading in the funds raised so far, is Rosie O'Grady's, which has already turned in over $1,000 to the Festival Committee.


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