Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ton Ten Reasons to Sing the Blues

  1. It's 19 degrees outside tonight and
  2. It gets dark at 5:30
  3. Gasoline is costing $3.09 a gallon and
  4. My stocks are down 15 percent
  5. Im still at work and it's going on 7 pm
  6. I think Im coming down with a cold
  7. I'm single again...again, and they's
  8. no one waiting for me at home but the cats
  9. I ain't had a raise at work since 2006
  10. We got another year of George Bush

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I Sing The Blues

The reason that many people love the "Blues" is that we find spiritual commonality in the music that shares the universal human trait of having "troubles". Listening to the Blues makes us realize that we are not alone. Misery loves company, and hearing the blues is cathartic in the sense that we find others have gone through what we all have to deal with.

Blues music is not sad music. It makes us happy, if even for just awhile. That wailing saxophone, the cry of the harmonica, the beat of the drums and the almost human sound of the guitar...all these come together with words that describe so many daily tribulations. Whether it is money trouble, or a cheating spouse, or loneliness; or something as complicated as legal problems or as simple as just having to go to work everyday.... we have all been there.

I will share thoughts and experiences these next couple of weeks during the 7th Annual Bud Light Ferndale Blues Festival. The festival runs from Friday January 25 thru Saturday Feb. 1st. I will write about highlights (and low points?) and thoughts on how and why we organize this annual music series.

More than 80 separate concerts and events will occur during this festival over nine days in 22 venues in two cities. I hope you will consider coming out and joining your friends and neighbors at a club or restaurant. Several venues are smoke free, and family friendly. In any case, I hope you will realize how important music is to surviving, and thriving, in the human condition we know as life in Southeast Michigan.

Check out the web site at to see the schedule. That info will also be in all our sponsors publications and web sites. these media sponsors include MetroTimes, Daily Tribune, WDET FM, Metra Magazine, Mirror Newspapers, Woodward Talk, and other local papers such as the Free Press and Between the Lines.

Please feel free to post your own comments to these musings, good or bad, positive or negative.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Just 373 Day to Go...Obama For President

In just over one year, this country will finally have a new President. It was an excruciatingly long period for our country. Two recessions, one nasty unnecessary war, eight years of worsening environmental damage, unproductive partisanship and a badly divided populace, and ballooning deficit spending the likes of which our country has never seen....these are the legacies of George W. Bush.

While there are several great potential leaders running as Democrats for President, my support is going to Mr. Obama. I endorsed his late last year, and I think he is the breath of fresh air this country needs. He can unite the country, especially the disenfranchised young voters, independents, minorities, and the working and middle classes. He inspires me, and he has pledged to stop the partisanship that has characterized our national political system.

Since he wont be on the Michigan ballot during our attempted primary, I may end voting on the Republican side. There my vote will not go to Mr. Huckabee. While I am not a Libertarian, the views and ideas of Ron Paul are refreshing and interesting. He has generated a good deal of support in Ferndale, and he opposes the war, and supports new ways of dealing with our country's drug problems.

But whether our next President is the first elected woman, or the first elected person of color, it will be a time of great celebration and relief. Let history judge George Bush. I already have.