Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Music is the Key to the Soul" - Why I sing the Blues.

Why I Sing the Blues….2008 (and the 2010 updated version in bold)

1) It's 19 degrees outside tonight. (actually its a warmer this climate change)

2) It gets dark at 5:30 (It is now staying light until almost 6 pm)

3) Gasoline is costing $3.09 a gallon. (now running at about $2.69 but they stole my car)

4) My stocks are down 15 percent. (they are up this year, but I still have 50% less money)

5) Im still at work and it's going on 7 pm. (Im at home...working all day Sunday)

6) I think Im coming down with a cold. (I've got a broken rib from a black ice slip and fall)

7) I'm single again...again, and .... (yeah, still single, and now my ex wont even come over)

8) They's no one waiting for me at home but the cats (all three of 'em, always hungry)

9) I ain't had a raise since 2006 (Got a raise last year, then had my hours reduced 20%)

10) We got another year of George Bush (He finally left, but Obama has got his hands FULL)

Last year I suffered a home invasion, I lost by favorite Step-Mom, and my hair is now way more gray than not...

"always reasons to celebrate/commiserate/wallow in the Blues !"

Join us for the Nine Annual Bud Light Ferndale Blues Festival

January 29th thru February 6th 2010

Ten days / 23 Venues / 66 different concerts and events !