Sunday, March 02, 2014

Detroit Pastors to Pray against Marriage Equality outside Courtroom March 3, 2014

Friends: See below, a press release that went out Friday Feb. 28 from “Detroit Black Pastors” announcing a protest prayer vigil Monday in Detroit against marriage equality. Also immediately below, are some of my thoughts on this homophobic event.

“Of all the issues that these ministers could be working on, such as unemployment, hunger, disease, or crime, it is almost unbelievable that they choose to picket and pray against marriage equality in Michigan,” said Craig Covey, longtime community activist and former Ferndale Mayor. “They ought to ask themselves, What would Jesus do? Their same arguments were used in the 1950’s by racists in opposition to mixed racial marriages,” he added.
Covey was the first openly gay person to be elected mayor of a Michigan city in 2007.

Subject: Detroit Black Pastors to protest gay marriage

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Subject: RE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Black Detroit Pastors to Lead Protest At U.S. District Court

Black Detroit Pastors to Lead Protest for "Righteousness and Freedom" At U.S. District Court

DATE: February 28, 2014
Contact: Stacy Swimp


WHAT: Protest Against Federal Judge’s Threat To Voting Rights
WHO: Black Pastors and Christian leaders from Detroit and Outstate Michigan
WHEN: March 3, 2014, 9am, ET
WHERE: United States District Court for the Eastern District, Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse; 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226
WHY: On February 25, 2014, Judge Bernard Friedman of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan began presiding over DeBoer vs. Snyder, a lawsuit that addresses both the 2004 voter approved amendment to the Michigan Constitution that defines marriage between one man and one woman as well as the state adoption law. Judge Friedman is expected to rule on this case next week.

Detroit, Michigan- A Coalition of over 100 Black Pastors from Detroit have announced that they intend to lead a peaceful march against what they express is a threat to their Voting Rights.

The Pastors say they are "Protesting with praise, worship and prayer".

"We have already given enough speeches. We intend to go out and sing praises. We shall worship. We shall pray. We shall behold the glory of the living God, Who we trust will show Himself strong on our behalf, ending the threat against our voting rights and stopping the violation of our Christian conscience.", said Rev. Dr. Roland A. Caldwell, Burnette Inspirational Ministries, Detroit, Michigan "We are calling on Christians, wherever you are, to come to Detroit and stand with us for righteousness and freedom."'

At a Press Conference led by hosted this week at First Baptist World Changers International Church, the Pastors and Christians leaders denounced what they said is a threat to their voting rights. Additionally, they denounced what they expressed as a potential threat to their God given right of religious freedom.

"Man’s rejection of God’s Word does not change the fact that God instituted marriage as a means of creating and sustaining family, as well as creating and sustaining a strong and moral society. It is indeed on the basis of strong families, as defined by God, that the future of our nation rests. Hence, there can be no doubt that to redefine marriage as between any two people, regardless of gender, would be an action against the will of God and the best interest of both nation and family." says, Minister Stacy Swimp, Founder of "REVIVE ALIVE", Flint, Michigan. "Our presence shall serve as a reminder to Judge Friedman that it is his God given responsibility to uphold God’s rights and protect the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, which God created and blessed.

The coalition's leaders have said that they also believe it is the responsibility of the Church to be the conscience of the community, state and nation. In doing so, they believe they can impact both the judicial and the political system to return to honoring America's Judeo-Christian Values and commitment to traditional marriage.

"We acknowledge that, for too long, the body of Christ, including many of the leaders of the churches, have been silent in the face of spiritual corruption in the church, community and public square.", states Rev. Stacey Foster, Life Changers International Ministries. "Therefore, we are calling on every Christian, in Michigan and around the nation, to join us in a call for the spiritual revival of the body of Christ. We need a restoration of consciousness in both the church and the society at large."