Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stop the War - Impeach George Bush

Incredibly, Bush and Cheney are beating the war drums AGAIN, threatening to widen the war into Iran and engulfing the entire region into chaos. Even if we haven't learned well enough yet the total disaster created already by the Iraq invasion, we cannot afford to let this President make a really bad situation terribly worse.

Can this nation and our civilized world last the remaining 692 days until Bush leaves office naturally? Do we cross our fingers and hope that he doesnt screw things up any further? Are Americans awake to the utter lunacy of invading a large, wealthy, and well-armed nation such as Iran? And do we realize we will be alone in the world in making such a decision?

George Bush seems to actually believe and exist as a fundamentalist Christian. It may well be that he thinks the Rapture is at hand, and the end times are coming.
Maybe he thinks this is a repeat of the ancient battles between Christians and Muslims. Maybe it doesnt matter anymore what he thinks. Intelligent people who care about peace and civilization must demand he be reined in now.

Nobody wanted the disruption or political upheaval of impeachment. But now perhaps we no longer have any choice. Something must be done. Disaster is looming closer and closer day by day.