Tuesday, September 12, 2006

8/10/06 - Thanks Joe Lieberman, now take a break.

An open letter to the Senator from Connecticut

Senator Lieberman:

You dont know me, but I worked for your election to the Vice-Presidency in 2000. Lots of us worked hard, and you should have won that race. Michigan went for you and Al Gore.

But now, after many years of hard work and community service, it is time for you to take a break. Work to elect Democrats in the races around the country that are close. Help to defeat Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania. I sent a check to help in that struggle.

Please dont run a spoiler campaign as an Independent against your own party. You have done good work...except of course the bad decisions you made to support George Bush and his phony war on terrorism in Iraq. That is why you lost your primary race on Tuesday. And you deserved to lose that one.

Many Americans are furious about this expensive, bloody, misguided, and doomed war in Iraq. You are partially to blame. And you need to realize that, and put away your own hurt feelings. This is bigger than even you, Joe.

Quit now while you still have some dignity and respect. It is time to let someone else try their hand.


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