Monday, February 02, 2009

The Last Michigan State Fair ?

Many people will be shocked and saddened to learn this week that the new state budget being proposed for the new fiscal year will include an end to funding for the state fair grounds. This year's annual Michigan State Fair held at the end summer may be our last.

Michigan is still in a deep recession, and has been for more than five years. Continuing depressed economic activity, increased unemployment, and disasterous vehicle sales have all taken their toll on an ever tightening state budget. Nearly everyone is hurting, including local, state, and federal govermental budgets. Additional cuts are necessary, and this highly visible cut cannot be helped. The state may put the land up for sale where the historic fair has been held for more than a century.

We in Ferndale will watch the situation unfold, and will stay attuned to developments. Obviously we will strive to represent the interests of our residents and neighbors, and support ideas that would improve the area (parks, recreation, nature, and or housing/retail) as well as oppose options that could be detrimental to the area (race-tracks, heavy industry).

The budget for the City of Ferndale is still in very strong shape, with no cuts to services planned right now. But we are not an island, and we all will have to pull together as we weather this world-wide economic storm, and its unfortunate and unpleasant ramifications.


At 8:37 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Perhaps the Michigan congress could think about giving up their "health care for life" in order to protect this 160 year old treasure.

Or perhaps those fellow citizens of ours driving around in Toyotas and Hondas could appeal to their preferred auto manufacturers to pick up the slack now that GM, Chrysler and Ford won't be able to kick in as much money as they used to.

The reply they receive might be just the dose of reality needed.


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