Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clawing his way to the top...A cat's plea.

There is a tremendous competition going on at the Steppin' Out AIDS Walk this coming weekend in downtown Royal Oak. Gizmo (at right) is a seven pound, seven year old "Flame Point" Siamese cat that is challenging "Beau" the dog owned by Affirmations Director Leslie Thompson. Each year the dog raises money for Affirmations AIDS programs, and this year, Gizmo asked me to enroll him to raise money for "WAGS" the animal pet care program MAPP manages for people living with HIV/AIDS and their companion animals. As of today, the two mammals are nearly tied, with Beau slightly ahead at $1,220.00 Gizmo is at $1,210.
Here is what Gizmo has to say:
"Dogs get groomers, doggie day care, dog parks, doggie clothes, and they get to go riding with owners in their cars and go to festivals and parades. All the while we cats stay home quietly grooming ourselves and ridding the world of the occasional mouse or vole. But not this year.
I am making an appearance at the DIY festival in downtown Ferndale this Saturday September 20th and I will also make the walk, and appear at the Steppin' Out Festival Sunday September 21st at 10 am outside the Farmers Market off 11 Mile Road. I have been preparing by taking lots of naps. Please support the cats of the world by pledging me at
Go to the Mapp Team page and scroll down to pledge me or the guy I live with, MAPP CEO Craig Covey. He takes good care of me and the other two cats I let live there. He even puts out catnip every once in a while when we want to party.
P.S. I am descended from Lions, you know.


At 7:06 PM, Blogger Heather Bisson-Simpson said...

Best of luck Craig and Gizmo!

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Craig Covey said...

Thanks Heather...


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