Monday, April 14, 2008

I saw a dinosaur yesterday

As I was driving south on I 75 yesterday returning from the gym, I was amazed to see a dinosaur in my rear-view mirror. I wasnt sure what kind it was until it passed me, speeding by on my left going about 70 mph. At first I thought it was a Suburbadon. Those large boxy SUV's were usually brown, or grey. They were seen mostly during the 1990's and 00's, before gasoline began approaching $5 per gallon. But no, as it lumbered past, I saw that is was a Yukonasaur XL. (XL stands for extra large)

These beasts were prevalent when gasoline was still being squandered by Americans in the previous age, before the great gasoline shortages and oil wars of the 21st century. Today, of course, we laugh at such grotesque creatures. Reportedly the last of the giant SUV's were junked around 2016 at the end of the third Iraq/Iran war.

Young people today are amazed at what their grandfathers drove. Just as we make fun of the outlandish dress of the 1970's, people today marvel at the bawdy and oversize monsters spewing black smoke during the times before we understood the importance of conservation.

Today, of course, the Hummersaurs are extinct. They exist only in museums in Detroit, where they used to make cars. You can also see them on the History Channel.


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