Friday, August 29, 2008

Eight is Enough

So many of us agree with Senator Barak Obama when he says that "eight is enough". Actually eight years of George Bush's mis-steps, mistakes, and missed opportunities is way more than enough. Thus, we cannot give Senator McCain and his party four more years to try and repair the damage, much less screw things up more.

Thank-you Senator Obama, for reminding us that Americans are strong, smart, and dedicated, and that we are in this together. Enough of the divisions manufactured by Karl Rove and Co.

Thank-you Senator for promising to end this tragic and ill-conceived war.

Thank-you for clearly providing a way to energy indenpence and smart environmental policies that will provide for a world our grand-kids can survive and thrive in.

Thank-you for mentioning Gay and Lesbian people in your acceptance speech seen by millions around the world.

And thank you for trying to unite America behind common goals and helping restore our national pride and resolve.

McCain and his party may well try and divide us and frighten us again, with the strategies that have worked well in the past. Let's not let them do that to us again, this time around


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