Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Imus in the Moaning" Bring back some class.

Two weeks suspension is not enough. Let him taste unemployment, (something Michigan residents are getting familiar with), for at least a month. Maybe then he will gain a little class, and if he wants to be a national radio voice, he can learn to steer clear of the crassness and vulgarity that is so rife in American culture.

We have an opportunity now to stand up against the degradation, vulgarity, and coarseness that permeates popular culture today. Enough of the insults by ann coulter, and those radio clowns in Flint who yap daily about stupid things being "gay".

Trying to be hip and cool, Imus shows the risk when an over-the-hill rich white guy in the south tries to use street language. His cred is dead. (Now when I try to do it, it is self-deprecating irony, and Im neither rich nor quite yet over-the-hill )

The young women he insulted were intelligent, hard-working, motivated and attractive college students. So some of them have tatoos? Good for them ! One in three Americans under the age of 35 have tatoos. Nappy-headed? Don is showing his age. Does anyone under the age of 70 use that word anymore?

He called them a tough bunch...and that is true. They are strong, tough, and much classier than Don Imus ever was.


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