Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann Coulter Ice Queen or Anorexia Princess?

While many people in America would like our political discourse to become more bi-partisan, more courteous and more professional, Ann Coulter is stuck in the 90's, using shock culture and foul-mouthed insults to gain notoriety. He latest gross-out is a desperate attempt to retain some level of relevancy, but will probably finally consign her to the dust-bin of history.
Calling John Edwards a "faggot" is a new low, which she certainly aimed down for, but will most likely boomerang against her.

John Edwards took care of his wife when she had cancer, and has a beautiful family. Handsome and well groomed as he is, he is not a gay man, much to my disappointment.

Ms. Coulter called Arabic persons "rag-heads". Truly she is evil...or is there another explanation. Think about this....

Ann Coulter is razor-thin. She is as skinny as any of the anorexic models that pass away from starvation. She is obviously unhappy, and mean. She always looks tired and sleep-deprived.
Could it be that she is using methamphetamine? Rev. Haggard used it. Maybe that is what is causing her severe emaciation and sociopathic comments.


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