Friday, December 08, 2006

It May be Time for Mass Protests

President Bush is no longer just stubborn, or steadfast, or resolute with regards to his resolve to "stay the course" in Iraq. He is borderline pathological. He is ignoring the will of the people, and even advice from experts and sages in his own party. He won't listen to advice from his father, or the military experts that should have the last word.

If "stay the course" was not such a bloody horror, it might continue to be the butt of jokes. But good loyal honest solid American men and women are dying daily in that oven called Iraq. At what point will Americans get beyond angry, and start demanding change.

Today George Bush stated that regardless of the changes suggested by the Iraq Study Group, a blue ribbon panel of world experts and a bipartisan mix of persons of wisdom, he is insisting that we must stay in Iraq to finish the job and win militarily. This is worse than wishful thinking or simple denial. It is not even stupidity. It is reckless, dangerous, and the thinking of a man who is quite possibly mentally ill.

Americans may be getting older. We may be busy. Many of us are overweight, and comfortable on the soft couch watching a giant plasma tv. But at some point, we must make our voices heard. It must be getting close to the time for large scale protests, street actions, or maybe even a national strike. Who will help lead us in this critical time? The carnage in Iraq must stop.


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