Thursday, August 18, 2011

Complete Streets Resolution Passes Oakland County Commission

In a very pleasant surprise to many of us, our "Complete Streets" resolution passed the Oakland County Commission unanimously today, Thursday August 16, 2011. The vote was 25 - 0.

Designed to be a new framework for creation, maintenance, and repair of streets and roads, the concept means that design includess use and accessibility for all modes of transportation, including bicycles, pedestrians, mass and public transit, handicapped accessibility for persons, as well as for cars and trucks. While it may sound like a no-brainer, the concept is not universally accepted or followed.

While there was initial resistance from a few of the Republican members, the measure had gained full support from the Democrats on the board, as well as five or six Republicans. With a few minor changes in an amendment, we gained full support, including from the Road Commission of Oakland County. Dave Woodward D-Royal Oak played the key role in getting this written and passed.

This is just a start to change the way we view and implement transportation, but it was a very critical step, and an important portent of things to come.


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