Monday, March 14, 2011

Ferndale Pride 2011 "We are Family"...and still Proud !

When community members learned of the impending move of the annual Gay Pride Festival by Motor City Pride this year to Detroit’s Hart Plaza from downtown Ferndale, there was an immediate and overwhelming desire by many to create events for Ferndale so that GLBT residents, allies, businesses, friends and neighbors would still have local opportunities to celebrate pride in Ferndale. The result is a series of events (that are still growing and evolving) that will complement and support the Motor City Pride festival, while still providing choices and additional events for the greater community.

Parades and Marches, Rallies, Downtown Strolling, Alley Dallies, Late Night Shopping, and Patio Theme Parties.

A large group of local and regional community organizations and leaders, along with individuals, volunteers and businesses owners are planning & organizing Gay Pride events for June 2011 in Ferndale including a GLBT “We Are Family” Pride Parade, a second GLBT and Allies “Night March”, and a continuing community rally on Friday June 3 in the evening in downtown Ferndale to celebrate and recognize Gay Pride Week. Multiple club and restaurant/bar events are being planned as part of the weekend celebration as well. A broad coalition of local and regional groups is signing on as supporters and endorsers, including the Ferndale DDA, the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan AIDS Coalition, Ferndale Community Foundation, Affirmations, Al Gamea, Hazel Park Friends, and many others. The Ferndale Community Foundation (501-c3) is expected to act as fiduciary.

A family friendly GLBT parade on June 3 will be held beginning at 6 pm lining up in the alley behind businesses on the north side of W. Nine Mile Road. At approx 7 pm the parade would proceed south on Planavon to 9 Mi. then east on W. 9 Mi. across Woodward to the City Hall front lawn for a social, cultural and political rally.

A “Luminous Night Parade” on Friday June 3 for the GLBT and allies community will assemble beginning at 9 pm in downtown Ferndale for that march which woll step off near W. Nine MIle Road in downtown and wind around the streets and alleys with hundreds of persons holding lights, candles, glow sticks, and flashkights to "light up the night for diversity". That parade will also end at the Ferndale City Hall Front Lawn for a second rally.

The annual “Dyke March” is scheduled for Saturday June 4 through downtown Ferndale in the early afternoon with a rally at Geary Park. This would be the second year for that event. The annual Gay Union Ceremony hosted by MCC Church and Equality Michigan is also expected to take place in Ferndale during the weekend. This will be the 10th year in a row for that event. Four Ferndale mayors will have participated in joining GLBT couples after this year.

A large number of special themed events in clubs and bars, patio parties, and tea dances, along with “alley dallies” are planned for all three nights of this weekend June 3-5 with up to a dozen restaurants, bars and clubs participating, including Como’s, Dino’s, Rosie O’Grady’s, Soho, Danny’s, Loving Touch, and others.

Most events are free of charge. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Volunteers are needed.
Proceeds will benefit four area charities including Affirmations, Michigan AIDS Coalition, Ferndale Community Foundation, and the Dyke March. Stay Tuned.


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Alex said...

Does fragmenting the Metro Detroit BGLT community events further strengthen or weaken the community as a whole. This isn't about Ferndale or Detroit (or Royal Oak or Birmingham...)

We've lost so many people in the states decades long economic trouble. A few well done & well attended events is better for us than more and poorly attended events.

Alex Hardesty


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