Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Victory ! Michigan to Protect Farm Animals

Please see the press release below, which I received yesterday. A great start to ending some of the worst barbaric practices in the industry known as "factory farming". Finally some good news from our friends in Lansing....
Dear Craig,
In a landmark achievement for farm animals, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signed a bill today that will phase out some of the most cruel and inhumane cages on factory farms.
The new law phases out veal crates for calves, gestation crates for breeding pigs, and battery cages for laying hens. Not only does Michigan have more than ten million laying hens and about 100,000 breeding pigs, it's a top veal-producing state as well -- so the new law will prevent many millions of animals from enduring a lifetime in cages so small they can barely move.
Animal protection groups, including the Michigan Humane Society, The Humane Society of the United States, and Farm Sanctuary, worked together with agriculture groups to find common ground and create a pathway in the legislature to end these practices. Now, Michigan joins California, Arizona, Florida, Maine, Colorado, and Oregon in banning this type of extreme confinement. This is also the first time that a state legislature has banned battery cages.
Thanks to the actions of compassionate people like you, we've taken a major step forward for farm animals in Michigan and across the country.

Thank you for all you're doing to help farm animals.


Mike MarkarianExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
The Humane Society of Michigan

"And thank you, Humane Society of Michigan, for all your hard work."

Craig Covey


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