Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do Something for Your Mother

Today (Wednesday April 22) is Earth Day 2009. A day created to remind all 6 1/2 billion of us alive on Earth that we depend on this planet for survival, and that we had better start taking better care of her.

I remember well, the first Earth Day in 1970. I was thirteen years old, and organized some friends and kids to pick up litter and debris in an empty field that had become an eyesore.
This was in Canton, Ohio, and was probably the first time I helped create a newspaper story.

Prior to that, in the fifth grade, I got my school class to write letters to Potlatch Corporation, asking them to stop polluting the rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Kinda pathetic that forty years later we still have to work to get people, corporations, and governments to think about the environment, and get them to stop trashing it.

Every one of us can do something, or many things, to protect Mother Earth. Drive your car less. Ride a bike or walk more often. Recycle more items, and throw away less trash. Reuse, and reduce "stuff". Use public transportation and buy your future cars with better mileage in mind. Eat less meat.

Do something for your Mother today.


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